Alex Vrublevskiy



Personal Profile

Highly motivated and effective engineering professional with 15+ years experience in different areas of IT industry mostly interested in design, implementation and/or administration of linux based infrastructures for distributed and highly available web applications and services, however will gladly take part in exciting project of any other IT related sphere.

A resourceful, self-learning, proactive and conscientious individual with strong analytical, investigative and problem solving skills. Able to work in a fast paced conditions, to prioritize and progress several lines of work to meet deadlines while maintaining focus on detail and precision. Able to communicate clearly and concisely and to interact with both IT and Business partners to define, understand and evaluate business requirements and resolve production issues.

Comfortalbe to work both as a team player and as a single specialist.

Work Experience

IT Consultant,
individual enterpreneur

August 2018 - now

Working with different companies as DevOps engineer and Linux system administrator.

Improved hands on experience with:
★ Hashicorp Terraform + AWS;
★ Hashicorp Nomad, Consul, Vault;
★ Docker, Docker Compose;
★ Kubernetes, Rancher.

DevOps Lead at Belkacar

August 2018 - May 2019

Worked with Belkacar remotely on B2B basis

★ log management system based on Graylog cluster;
★ CI/CD system based on GitLab CI and Ansible;
★ Apache Hadoop cluster;
★ Netflix Spring Cloud;

★ monitoring system based on Zabbix -- customized templates, triggers thresholds, integrated Zabbix with PagerDuty, configured escalation policies;

Assisted with:
★ introduction of management and collaboration system based on Directum;
★ introduction of employee monitoring system based on Kickidler;
★ introduction of analytics system based on Tableau;
★ switching of call center software from OKtell to Naumen Contact Center;
★ switching of message-oriented middleware from RabbitMQ to Kafka;
★ management Linux version of accounting software 1C with PostgreSQL as a backend.

Lead System Administrator at Pixonic

August 2016 - July 2018

★ automation of configurations rollouts and management (Ansible and GitLab CI, bash, Python) to heterogenous infrastructure of hundreds of hardware and virtual Linux/Windows hosts from distributed data centers and service providers;
★ building and administering centralized authentication and authorization system for dev/stage/prod infrastructures based on FreeIPA;
★ building and maintaining
  • more efficient monitoring (Zabbix and Grafana) and alerting system (PagerDuty) and taking part in 24/7 on-call shift duty;
  • in-house oVirt cluster with GlusterFS on computing nodes as a storage for dev/stage environments (while supporting legacy Proxmox hosts);
  • centralized log gathering system for all environments (Graylog2);
★ effective
  • cooperation with Dev and QA teams for overall business performance optimization;
  • negotiations with data centers and service providers representatives all over the Globe for investigation of complex business critical disasters.

Senior Technical Expert at Luxoft

December 2015 - July 2016

★ administration, troubleshooting, upgrade and development of Cloudera Hadoop clusters for Deutsche Bank AG;
★ L3 support of Dev, Q&A and adjacent project teams;
★ knowledge transfer and hads off the project to new contractor's team;
★ compliance with bank internal security, regulations and policies. See less

Lead System Engineer at S&T CIS

Febrary 2013 - November 2015

★ administration, design and planning of further development of IaaS product for top Russian clients: banks, ensurance companies, chain supermarket businesses, etc., based on enterprise grade HP and IBM equipment and VMware, HP and IBM virtualization systems;
★ interaction with vendors and clients' top management and engineers;
★ 24/7 availability.

Sysadmin Team Lead at WWPass

September 2008 - May 2012

★ designed from scratch and implemented:
  • distributed (US-Russia) IT infrastructure of software development company targeted mostly on open source software;
  • distributed (US-Russia) VoIP and messaging system based on CommuniGate/VoicePlus software;
  • distributed (company owned Autonomous System, US­-Canada­-Switzerland­-Russia­-Singapore points of presence at the moment of farewell) secure, high­speed and redundant production network based on Allied Telesis equipment;
★ effectively interacted with foreign colleagues, hardware suppliers and service providers;
★ managed IT team of 5 engineers, periodically interviewed applicants for the team both in US and Russia

And many more...

Key Skills

★ Hands on experience in design, implementation and maintenance infrastructures for IT projects of any scale on any platform: bare metal and/or cloud provided instances (AWS/Azure/GCP). Effective interaction with any data center.
★ Good knowledge of hardware and vendor technologies. Hands on experience with IBM/Lenovo, HP, Dell servers including blade systems, NAS/SAN, including FC based (Brocade fabrics) and enterprise grade storage systems (HP 3PAR and IBM Storwize).
★ Understanding of LAN buildng, network hardware knowledge (Cisco, Allied Telesis, MikroTik), understanding of L2 technologies: link aggregation, STP, VLAN, QoS. Understanding of ISO OSI model and TCP/IP stack, IPv4 addressing and routing. Able to configure dynamic routing protocols: OSPF, BGP; HSRP/VRRP and network services: DHCP, BOOTP/TFTP, DNS, NTP, SNMP, NetFlow/sFlow.
★ Hands on experience with virtualization clusters based on VMware, Proxmox, oVirt.
★ Current favorite products stack:

  • oVirt
  • CentOS 7
  • FreeIPA
  • Ansible+AWX
  • Java
  • Zabbix+Grafana
  • Graylog
  • GitLab

★ Able to read and write in YAML and JSON, bash and Python.
★ Business processes understanding, able to hold business correspondence, documentation, negotiations and interviews competently. Good knowledge of Atlassian products ecosystem.
★ Languages: Russian — native, English — Upper Intermediate, able to read/write and speak on professional topics.


Moscow State Institute of Radiotechnics, Electronics and Automation

1999 - 2005

Master of Computer Applications (M.C.A.)